Today I discovered - ugghh- WORMS!!! (yep, some gross talk here)


Aug 13, 2008
Ellijay, GA
I have been wondering about worms in my flock recently, because some droppings have been the orange stinky kind. I thought it may be cocci too, so I did a round of Sulmet last week. I still have the orange droppings, though I dont know which bird it is. At any rate, today I watched my broody hen, who is in a pen/run by herself get off her eggs for her 5 min water/feed/stretch break. Her poop has always been some of the healthiest of all the birds, but today she let out a very wet, runny, GREEN poop that was filled with long, thin white worms!!!! I was grossed out to be sure, but eager to put an end to it. I immediately put Wazine in all the water so they can have that for the next few days. I am hoping that will clear it up, but I dont know if that is the right treatment or not.

Is wazine the right treatment, or should I be doing something else???
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I have read that people give Diotomacious Earth. Food Grade only!! In the feed. It has to be food grade. Put it in the coop, run, nest boxes and yep in their food. Check the learning center of this forum under supplies. You will find links there for suppliers. I am about to implement this into my small back yard flock management system.
They may be roundworms - if you can provide pics, that will help. A wormer that treats a broad array of worms - such as Ivomec Eprinex - may be best. Tho since you have treated with Wazine, let's see what kind of worms you've got an whether that will do the trick. JJ
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Hopefully it is roundworms, and wazine can take care of it. I have also ordered DE which I will put in the food, and then I may try vinegar in the water if there is still evidence next week sometime.

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