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  1. Today is day 21 for my Silver Sebright, Silkie, and Mixed Bantam eggs. It was day 21 at 12 pm this afternoon. So far I have 5 pips. They chicks are chirping inside their shells. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will have 5 chicks and more pips. I will be posting pictures when they hatch.
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  2. 7 pips now. One of the sebright chicks is 25-35% around the top of the shell.
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    Right on time! [​IMG]
  4. Thanks. i cant wait till morning. Wonder how many babies and pips I will have. I will post pics after the hatch. [​IMG]
  5. A chick hatched. A Silver Sebright. Another silver sebright looks like it will hatch within a hour. It is soo cute.
  6. Another sebright just hatched. [​IMG]
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    Congrats! We are hatchin buddies! I chick 4 pips. It's only day 19. Mine are early. Tryin to figure out where to get money to buy your free eggs. I am gonna be a hatchaholic now! I survived my first hatch!!
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    veery cool
  9. I have 3 Silver Sebrights out. With a couple more sebrights pipping and zipping. I have some silkies starting to pip, and I have my mixed bantam eggs starting to pip. [​IMG]
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