Today is Day 21, one hatched yesterday.....


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Sep 8, 2013
Just a newbie here wondering if I am doing things right. I have one of the styrofoam incubators using as a hatcher right now. I have 3 Silkie Bantam eggs and all three of them had been moving, one chirping and hatched yesterday at 7:30pm. I did see some movement of one of the other ones after this one hatched last night but so far nothing else. So, I have one cutie pie black silkie still in the incubator since last night at 7:30pm and no other eggs hatched yet. Should I leave the chick in the incubator for a while longer to see if any of the others hatch, or should I transfer it to the brooder now? Suggestions would be appreciated.

You can move the chick to the brooder so long, just be quick when you open the incubator so you don't lose too much humidity. Good luck with the remainder of the hatch!
Today is day 23 and one of the 2 eggs that have not hatched is wriggling and has been since last night. What is going on?

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