Today is day 3 in the brooder for this duckling. Swimming lessons??


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Is it time for swimming? Should I get a small dish and work my way to a bin filled with a little water? We have a stand in shower. No tub. How warm should the water be? I am doing this in my bedroom because the brooder is in my room. So a 5 minute dip then back in his brooder?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you
Technically all literature says not to put them in water until they are *I think* a month or two old as the have no oil on their down and no mommies to get some from.

I would make sure the little one is nice and dry after the swim.

You two have fun in the tub.
pips&peeps :

You two have fun in the tub.

I will be singing the rubber ducky song by ernie (sesame street).

Would waiting be the best bet?​
I would just let the little one have a quick dip and dry them off really good.

I raised geese last year and waited until they had quite a few feathers until they got to swim.
ok I will wait for a little bit. I cant believe I never thought about hatching ducks. Mine is a bit "special." Yesterday he walked to one side of the brooder then went full speed and head butted the other side.
I made a special waterer for my babies so they wouldn't make such a mess.I took a smallish gatorade bottke and cut oue a place for them to put their bills in -well I must have made it too big- because I looked over and one of them was inside!!!!I carefully cut around the whole thing with scissors so she could jump out.And they say silly goose
Mine have always started swimming pretty early...just make sure he gets plenty of warmth. Waiting is probably a good thing, but I know they love it from the second they are born. Have you noticed him/her playing w/its water yet?
He blows his nostrils in ther but thats it. I tried and he hates it lol. He was kicking like a frog to get out. barely 2 inches of water I thought he would like it. I will try again next tuesday
supposed to be a crested khaki girl- time will tell.The feed store folks weren't sure -lol which were the "sexed" ones I ordered

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