today is the day 2 eggs have peeped


9 Years
May 14, 2010
got two out of my four eggs have craked out there peep holes one at wrong end of egg
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Congratulations... I love when you can just see the beak poke out a little sometimes when the stretch or push. I have had a few pip the wrong end- Most of the time they still hatch- but they can sometimes take a little longer- and a few have needed a little help.
well three hatched so far out of the four and the one the wrong way is not doing well one is trying to eat the shel peaces so i put a small hand full of chick starter in there on a paper towel and he seems to bee eating it i didnt know they come out with such apities
Stupid question...I thought you couldn't open the bator until 24 hours after last hatch?

and whos rule is that ? will it invole nuns beating me on the hand

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