Today was a GREAT day:)

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    I've been unemployed suddenly for two weeks now, its been stressful. But I began spinning again:) Yesterday I washed and set the twist in two yarns I made, today it is very bouncy and drying, plus the blue/grey yarn I made looks nice now its washed. I was afraid I'd wasted it all, because I didn't like the look or feel of it until today!

    I got 3 entire pounds of Suffolk roving in the mail today to spin:) I have a small box of rich dark brown alpaca to spin and some nice maroon and some nice blue/green roving, too. I got out my 40 pound size- not weight, cat food bag full of musk ox wool I've collected over the years while hiking w/my dogs, too. Finally decided how and what I want to accomplish this spinning. I've got another box of alpaca coming in the mail that should have arrived before this entire 3 pounds did so it may be here tomorrow or at least on Friday!

    And then after waiting since last Thursday, I heard back from one interview. I was hired!!! It is at a Correctional Facility and my best friends (a married couple, he's been in corrections for his entire work life after he got out of the service as a marine) don't want me to take this job but I will get my first unemployment check on the 18th and it pays $50/per day.

    I am used to living on $20/per hour so to me after all these years working, that's a big slide backwards. This job offer is perfect for now, you get exercise on the job, you keep busy, and the pay is only $13/hr but that is a heck of a lot better than $50 per day and its a "hire at will" job where they can let you go or you can leave "at will" so I can work and get paid while waiting for a better paying job:)

    I am not married, no significant other, and only depend upon myself for now and in the future, including my retirement. Since I've lost my job that I planned to retire from and planned to stay with that job at least ten years more, I have lost my long term income and what would have built up in my retirement account.

    I lost my job due to sexual harrassment by my supervisor and have four written apologies from him plus he and his supervisor did some things related to my annual evaluation and with held half of my merit increase that they shouldn't have. Their corporate lawyer told me they shouldn't have given me an annual evaluation immediately after the sexual harrassment.

    I was told I'd receive unemployment insurance payments but should be looking for a lawyer. I've never sued anyone, ever, never wanted to but at my age, there is only one job position I've applied for that will pay $2.00/hr less than what I've been making. Employers want to hire younger and inexperienced people for much less, in pay and in retirement or other benefits than to hire me, with experience and at a higher wage.

    I've stalled on contacting a lawyer so far. I have names of two from out of state as that was what was suggested, if I wanted a good lawyer even though I've got a pretty good case, if I want to win. I didn't do anything wrong. If I didn't sue, this supervisor continues to get away with doing wrong as he lost a job position in 1984-85 for the same thing. He even wrote in one of his apologies that he did. I should make up my mind asap if I'm going to follow through and get a lawyer on this case...

    I sat in my pj's for two days, stressing and depressed, ran out of chicken feed, money, and a friend gave me two bags of feed yesterday. My bird eggs are selling like hotcakes now, because at the veterinarian's (our only one in town) suggestion, I advertised my bird's eggs were/are "hormone and antibiotic free" - now I can't get my birds to lay fast enough or enough eggs to keep up w/the orders!

    Today was a very good day:) Things are looking UP!
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    So sorry that you lost your job, but I think that I would sue for all the stress that it has caused you. I know nothing about the law, but I would think that you have a case. Especially since he had done this before and the employer knew about it. Maybe the lawyers would work on a contingency (?sp), so that you wouldn't have to pay up front?

    So glad you got a new job and that you can keep looking in case you find something better:)

    Happy spinning, I really have no idea how to do it but it does sound interesting anyway.
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    I'm glad things are looking up! And I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Do make up your mind very quickly, as you have a very limited window of time to file that type of lawsuit. It's not the regular statute of limitations.

    Best wishes,
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    I am glad things are looking up for you!
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    Hang in there...God's working his plan.
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    Glad things are looking up!

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