Today's the BIG day!!! Good Hatch Vibes Needed!


12 Years
Jun 13, 2007
Casa Grande, AZ
My quail are hatching!!! Well, actually I have 1 that has hatched and there are a ton of pips. I had one that pipped and died, so I upped the humidity in the hopes that it would help keep that from happening again. Keep your fingers crossed for me and any good hatch vibes you can send would be great!

I am down to about 210 eggs! I hope I get a good lot out of them!
oO 210 eggs wow i thought i was nutz for setting 100
but i have most of mine sold already. how are those waterers working out for ya?
Thanks!!! It is working!!!!! I now have 4 Texas A & Ms and 1 Jumbo Brown. With a LOT more pips still working their way out. Keep up the good vibes! It is helping, I know it!

I will post some pictures when they fluff up...

Kullas... They are AWESOME!!! I've been getting free buckets from the grocery store bakery (frosting) and I have them on the bottom. It has been working great! I tried it for the small chicks, but they bump into it too much and it leaks all over the place making a huge wet mess. Oh well... But I love the waterers for the older chickies. They sure do pick it up quickly! Thanks again!!!!
Kullas had some chicken waterer nipples for sale. They are the ones that the pro-poultry people use to water their birds. It is nice, because you can have a completly enclosed water system without getting any poop or debris in it! I love them!!!

BTW, I had another jumbo brown die before fully hatching...

I don't know what the deal is. They pip the shell, then I can see their little beaks. Eventually crusty stuff like dried yolk forms around their beaks and they die. My humidity is up to 65%+. I just don't understand.... Sigh......
Well, 210 is a lot of eggs, but you have all my good hatch vibes!

JHC...doesn't anyone on this board just try to hatch a few dozen eggs at the time?

I'm just saying....


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