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Jan 16, 2012
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My Coop
Hi, I have a hen that had one of her toenails fall off, it was bleeding a ton. I was finally able to stop the bleeding and set her up in a box in the garage. She ended up escaping and flew to the top of the box. And the same toenail, but on the other foot, started bleeding and it looks like it is going to fall off to!!!! Does she have some sort of vitamine deficiency that has made her toenails weak?? She has calmed down and is currently sleeping.
Thanks for an info on what could have made both her toenails fall off.
Hens losing a nail or two is fairly common and as long as the other hens don't see the blood your girl should be OK. Keeping her separated until the nail heals is a good idea. I personally don't know about vitamin deficiencies that would cause that. Most of the time it is from aggressive foraging and scratching.

If the nails were too long and got caught on something is the usual suspect. That is the main reason I do not use wire flooring in coops like a lot of others do. There may be some other suggestions come your way as far as the deficiency thing but as long as she is OK I would not worry too much... Steve

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