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Jan 13, 2012
Annville, Pennsylvania
When I went to the county fair this year I was shocked at how little competition my roo-boy had. When I purchased him I was told he was an Ameraucana and so his beard and ear-tuffs say- but as I began to research Ameraucanas it is very very hard to find Lemon Blue Wheatons and that kind is not mentioned in the Ameraucana Breeder's Standards. Are Lemon Blue Wheaton's rare? Is he really a Lemon Blue? What makes him Wheaton, Blue, and Lemon- because the Blue Wheaton female has no blue coloration whatsoever.
Someone please help, is my Mr. Fancy Pants (Wyatt) show quality or would he be disqualified for the ear-tufts? He is in perfect health, gorgeous sheen, even well angled spurs, toes, nails, beak, alert handsome chocolate eyes, good plumage, and on and on it goes.
Why doesn't the Ameracauna standard list a Lemon Blue Wheaton?

Laurisa & Wyatt

PS- Let me know if I need more pictures.

Hmm i'm not the expert but he looks a lot like a Lemon Blue. And by the way
if the color is not one of the recognized colors then that would make him an ee, even if both parents were Americana he is still an ee due to the unrecognized color. i would still try and show him but our 4-h fair isnt that high strung on standards though
I'm a beginner chicken raiser so I thought it looked more like a pea-comb. I assumed easter eggers were smaller too. He is one hefty bird. Can you please tell me what all judges look for when judging birds at fairs? I notice they pick them up and handle the feet, spread the wings, check the ear-lobes, combs, wattles, eyes, etc.
I know I have alot of pride in my boy, but he looks like a first placer all around.
He is one pretty boy! Yes he is an EE! Not a recognized color of the ABC or APA standards.

He looks like he is resulted from someone's project that didnt want to continue with it. If that color is what you want, go for it!
Also, they say the EE has green legs and Lemon Blue Wheaton is not listed in the EE breed standards. And thanks for the welcome. Nice forum.

ee's are nothing but mixed breeds with ameracuna, arucana, or ?(i cant remember the breed) in their back ground. there is no standared for an ee. being a mix they can be any color, any comb type, any body type, and any leg color.
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