Told I Can't Use PVC glue for chicken waterer...again. HELP!!


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Apr 4, 2009
So we're being told all over the place that PVC glue isn't potable, however how the heck do you make one then if you can't seal it with the glue? I asked the store about all purpose PVC glue and he said it doesn't exist and that you need special glue for each different kind of PVC pipe. Then my cousin (who's husband is a plumber) said that no kind of PVC glue is potable. So...what am I going to do? Others have said they've used it without issue, but I really, really don't want to hurt my girls. What to do?
My whole house is plumbed with cpvc, the pipe that comes from the well is pvc. We used cpvc glue when we glued our pipes. We can't use copper here because our water is so acidic. If you can't use it for potable water than how could they sell it for plumbing at all?

Unless you want to use PEX or copper, PVC is fine for cold water.
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just ask at the hardware store for the pvc pipe and glue that you would use on water pipes for your house, once glue dries there is no longer a problem about being potable. If you are using a plastic barrel to put a faucet on be sure to use silicone glue on that or it will leak.
You may not need to glue the fittings unless your keeping it under pressure. It's much easier to clean if you can disassemble the whole thing. In the heat of summer the pvc will get slimey with mold etc. and Goldenluver is right when dry the glue isn't harmful. Most of us drink from glued pipes everyday. Good Luck
Yeah but Rendon doesn't it HAVE to be sealed in order to work properly?
My husband put it together and then when he filled it with water and turned it over all the water poured out of the end.

Alright well I guess we'll give it a go then with the glue because it
will be dry and I believe we only have to use it on the cap. Sigh.

The plumber guy said that PVC is only used for outake pipes and sewage so that's why it's not potable. Bah.
I don't know where he plumbs but I've been gluing pvc water supply pipes for 25 years. I'm a plumber too and it's approved for use by every code i've ever seen including National Plumbing code. Not sure where he got his info but i'm sorry it's wrong. Good Luck
our entire house was redone from copper to PVC in 2006 (its 148 years old... it needed new plumbing that was up to code).... and its all glued I can assure you. DH did plumbing for years and you just need to make sure you get the CORRECT type of glue.

I'm with the others - I dont know what someone is telling you
but its not correct.
Oatey all purpose PVC glue is potable, go to their website and it will list glues and click on the all purpose. It actually welds the pipe to one piece and becomes part of the pipe. The only time it is hazardous is in the uncured state.

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