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Is it possible to keep Toms together and hens say of Heritage Bronze and Royal palms or BR's? if i had a pair of each would they fight to much in the coop or in the Run?? or is it a bit different than chickens?
Question: Same breed? Were they hatched together?

I had a Royal Palm tom, kill a young BBB tom- to- be, and as I am brooding another 25 turkeys I should find this answer out ASAP, too

Because of how the Tom's establish there pecking order, two tom's by them selves will usually fight all the time. Where three usually won't.

Last year we had two tom's and a hen together and the they didn't fight. The were from the same hatch but different breeds.

Larger established Tom's may kill young Tom's if the size and age difference is to much. It' Mostly because they are getting rid of future compentision.

If you don't plan on keeping any of the Tom's, Keep the males from your 25 new ones together, away from any older ones until you are ready to butcher. Doing that will illiminate any possible problems. Although nothing may happen if you don't, it could.

If you do plan on keeping some of the new males, you will need to intergrate them once they get close to maturity. Intergrating Poultry of different ages is a hit or miss proposition. Some time it goes smoothly sometime not.
Separate runs males/females will cut down on an overabundance of sparring (especially when hens are in season).

We had three toms (now two), and they formed and reformed their vision of `social standing' by forming temporary alliances (two low boys ganging up on alpha - alpha recruiting low boy to keep the tom on the bottom down even lower).
Nothing a bit of pine tar on the heads and caruncles couldn't moderate.

Only really blood was drawn when they were jakes and working things out. Our remaining two four yr. olds haven't gone at it (except for the Royal reminding the Slate with an occasional kick) for a long time.

An old thread on turkey aggression:
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I bought 3 poults...i have no idea what sex they are...they are about 5 weeks old by now. They all hang with each other all the time, they huddle together when resting or sleeping...heck they preen each other it looks like(they may just not know where they end and the other bird begins)...but now you got me worried...what if they grow up and start to compete, like if I have two toms and one hen? What if they are all Tom's? 2 white BB and one bronze BB. I must admit I went into this blindly, neighbor on the ranch has chickens, so i offered to raise her a turkey for free eggs, trade deal. I really want all three to make to the end of Nov.
Two toms WILL fight, 3 or more won't. There will be one dominant tom that does most if not all the breeding. Some of the jakes might fight a little bit but they are just trying to establish their pecking order. You don't need a pair of each unless you are gonna seperate them and hatch that breed. That many toms will be VERY rough on the hens.
dbone wrote: I really want all three to make to the end of Nov.

Are they being raised for thanksgiving? If so, don't worry. The sparring is normal and since you have BB's the only real fight will be for the feeder.​

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