"Tomatoes, ma? Meh."


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Feb 22, 2016
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My Coop
We just gave our 4 buff orpington hens cut up ends of our tomato, thinking they would love them. MEH---They looked at them on the plate and pecked, flinging them around on the lawn before running away. We were so suprised they wouldn't eat them.
Last night we tried some raw broccoli, and as my husband said after bringing some pieces out to them in the run, "they looked at it like it was a UFO".
It was still there this morning, lol!
So far they had only had red grapes, watermelon, and stuff like cracked corn for treats, and they devour all of them. We thought we'd introduce other things into the treat repertoire that we had read chickens like.
Now we are wondering if chickens are spoiled and what else they are not going to like!
It might take them a time or two in order to start to eat them. I give my chicks scrapes in the brooder and they don't go for them the first few times. Give them time.
Sometimes they can have a very discerning palate haha! I thought that my chickens might like some leftover peppers but they refused to acknowledge their existence! But they love blueberries and go absolutely nuts over pasta. Just keep introducing different things and they will eventually find treats they like. Good luck!
I've found that if I put a new treat in the hanging suet cage, they'll eat it. Including broccoli and Brussels sprouts, which they ignored just tossed on ground for them.
Mine love cooked broccoli. They go crazy for bread! Corn on the cob is also wonderful- first time I put some in their brooder they had no clue what to do with it. Second time- looking at it after they were done you would think they sucked on it! But the very best treat of all, so far, is mealworms- live or freeze dried - absolutely love them!

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