Tons of chickens dying

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    Mar 20, 2012
    We have been losing from 5-10 chicks a day now. The chicks hatched from mid summer to the beginning of September, none of our older girls/boys are dying. We had a frozen water situation about two days ago, where the heaters didn't work, so we thought they had been dehydrated. But after we fixed that, they still continue to die. One other thing to consider besides dehydration: the birds are migrating through our place and we always have some kind of sickness come around. We've never had this many die to what we refer to as "bird flu"(its not actually the bird flu).
    Symptoms: they just get really weak then next thing we know they are dead. Take about a day after they start showing signs before they die

    Please help me figure out why we are losing them and what we can do about it!
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    Have you tried treating with Corid for coccidiosis? It's about the most common killer in chicks/young birds this age.

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