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Jun 19, 2013

One of my hens has just had chicks in her secret nest. She's a terrible mother from experience, so I've captured 3 of them leaving her with just 2 to look after (she'll have half a chance maybe).

I've brought the other 3 indoors now, because I think they'll perish with their mother like her last batch did. However, I wasn't prepared for this, and don't have a good brooder yet. I don't have a thermometer, but my wife will bring one home. I also don't have a heat lamp, so I have stuck just a normal lamp in the box with them atm, until I can sort that.

They are in the conservatory, it's a nice day and I suspect they ambient air temp is at least 25 in there , with it being a little warmer around the lamp.

Anyway , I'm worried they're too cold, when I go in they are all huddled together , and will start cheeping and climbing underneath each other - I'm not too sure whether they are too cold, or just scared of me.

I could use an underfloor mat, or fan radiator.but I really don't want to overheat them as i've read that that is worse than them being too cold.

Any thoughts based on the picture?

Many Many Thanks,
I'd put shavings down. My broody didn't let the chicks out for few days so assume these are about 3 days old. You can just watch them to see if they need more heat, as they are all by the light I'd assume a larger watt bulb would be in order. Secure the light, place on screen over box or some way, to prevent fire. Keeping the heat source to one side like you have it is best so they can move to a cooler location if need be.

Assuming they are 3 days old I'd only heat under the lamp where chicks would be to 32C. B
weird double post as typing.

Was going to finish with: Visually see what the chicks do concerning heat is better than actual thermometer readings. Though it's nice to know the temp too.
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