Too curious?!!!


15 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Portland TN
Why is it that my 4mo. old peas are so curious about baby chicks? I have a lil bantam chicken (No-legs) with 2 chicks and my peas are extremely curious about them. To the point that they look at them like they might be a good snack. The mom puffs up and does her mom thing to discourage the peas but they are pushing the envelope. Why is this? I know peas are curious but this is asking for a flogging from the bantam mom. Any ideas?
That's it. They are curious. The mom flogging or throwing a screeching fit will just be "oh so very exciting" to peafowl.

This same curiosity makes them good at discovering snakes or other creatures in the yard.. this can also lead them to be good at killing or driving snakes out of the yard- have witnessed my free range peafowl surrounding and harassing a snake(including rattlesnakes- they get VERY excited at rattlesnakes- guess it is the noise and posture they make) until the snake leaves the yard.

Unfortunately, if confined together, do need to protect the mother hen and her chicks in case the peafowl get too excited and try to "fight". They will eventually get bored with the novelty and just ignore them eventually. If the mother hen continues to make a screeching fit or "have a go" at the peafowl, they will get "mad" and try to teach the hen not to do that to them.. it's no different from a younger rooster charging at older dominant rooster- the old guy is gonna want to teach the young'un a lesson!
Yep, the same thing makes them curious about what ever you are doing in the yard,.... why your fingers are trying to do up a ziptie, why are you shoveling that hole, why you are holding nails etc... mine are always stalking me and nipping my fingers....

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