Too Late in the Year to Hatch?


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I am dying to try hatching some eggs on my own. DH thinks it is too late in the year to try it and we should wait for Spring. We live in the High Desert in California. It does get rather cold in the winter. We even got some snow last year. But that weather usually doesnt hit until late December - Jan time frame.

As we have never hatched before, I am not sure if we should wait. Any advice would be fantastic, thanks!
I hatch year round pretty much and I live where we definately have winter. It all depends on if you have a place to put chicks out in the coop in a brooder area seperate from the adults....or if you're going to keep them inside. If you've never hatched before I guess I'd suggest you wait until spring when taking care of chicks won't be as much work.
As long as you make a warm place for the baby chicks, you will be fine...We had some very cold weather last winter when I was hatching eggs and babies...Having the right kind of brooder and a heat lamp did the trick.....

It's certainly up to you but I think it would be great to hatch now, then you have eggs earlier!!!! And those baby chicks sure brighten up the dull fall/winter days!

Have a blessed weekend.....Think baby!
We would keep them inside until fully feathered in a brooder and then I have a small enclosed coop and run made from a huge dog house I would keep them in until old enough to go into the general population. I could always run a heat lamp out in thier little coop to keep them warm outside.

Thank you for the advice.
Go for it. You are better off hatching in cooler weather. We did one hatch this summer and only got four out of a dozen eggs. It was just too hot.

If you are looking for folks to tell you it is OK to hatch late in the year you are in the right place

The reason many of us are on here is because we are all grossly addicted to hatching and raising chickens. I think the only reason anyone here would tell you not to hatch eggs is... well I can't think of one.


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