Too late to start raising chickens in Alabama?


11 Years
Sep 26, 2008
Montgomery Area

I really want to start raising my own chickens for eggs. I live in Alabama. Is it too late in the year to start? I wouldn't have a problem with a brooder in my garage. But after the chickens are say... 8 weeks old, can they handle around 35-45 degree weather outside in a coop?

I just stuck a dozen and a half Maran eggs in the incubator and I live in PA your fine!!! just keep them warm outside
I'm sticking eggs in the bator this weekend too, and I have more coming in ten days or so, and I'm in Utah, so don't sweat it. I'm not sure if 8 weeks is old enough to go with no heat at 35 degrees, but I'd like to know since I'll have little ones well into the winter. I'll probably throw in some barred rocks once my girls start laying, hopefully Halloweenish (shhh, don't tell my dh.) I'll probably be building more coops in the snow at this rate. lol
Ya the wife doesn't even know I stuck more eggs in the incubator
I prefer to hatch fall and winter. The chicks seem to do better. After they reach 8 weeks if I think it is to cold I always bed up straw for them and hang a light and make sure they can have place out of the wind. I have been doing this for several years with a good outcome.

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