I LOVE lavender orpingtons! The place I get my chicks from only offers the buff though .....I did order a buff for April because I’ve heard so many good things about orpingtons! I also ordered an Australorp. The frizzles look really neat too....I’d love to start a little coop just for bantams but I don’t think my husband is on board with
Currently we have two barred rocks, who are both lovely and friendly. We have two silkies, one black and one white and black. The black one goes broody constantly, and the white one is the head of the flock....she’s bossy and noisy and afraid of nothing. But we love her. We have one blue Ameraucana who is my favourite, she’s incredibly sweet, loves to be pet and snuggled. And we have one Icelandic, bottom of the pecking order, super flighty, keeps her distance from us but is better than she used to be....she’s a very nervous girl.

It is so hard to choose. We ordered 6 for April and I really narrowed it down by choosing chicks that can be sexed as we don’t want roosters. One Orpington, one australorp, one salmon faverolle, one light Brahma and two EE’s.
Good luck!! Have fun!
I absolutely love my porcelain D’uccles! They are super sweet and beautiful birds. My girl is very shy and my rooster is outgoing, but sweet.


Thanks!!!! i actually have one small coop. and as soon as i get back a am building a much bigger one with separate pens!!! the big one will have my show chickens that i will breed, and the small one will be whatever random bantams i want! i think for getting show stock i will get BA, LO, Silkies & Phoenix bantams. and all the other bantams i want.... i also forgot to mention that i REALLY WANT SERAMAS!!!

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