Too many chickens?


Dec 25, 2020
I am a new chicken owner and I have 12 chickens born in October. My husband recently got a job in SLC and we will have to move. I am not finding a city close by that is allowing more than 6 chickens. Does anyone know of anywhere within 30 minutes of SLC that allows up to 12 chickens? Thanks!
There is usually land area outside of city boundaries that is under County Ordinances rather than City Ordinances.
These are likely to be less stringent, but do typically align to how much land one has. If you look at a map that shows county and city lines, it can help. However, even in the County, there may be large lot properties that are covered by an HOA that will be less lenient than County Ordinances. This happened to a neighbor who was on a two acre parcel inside an HOA development. My home was not in an HOA, not under the City, and I had enough land to be zoned agricultural.
Get familiar with the County Ordinances first, then do home searches.
Congrats on the new job. Salt Lake City itself had relaxed its restrictions years ago and will allow up to 15 chickens. Of course they say you're supposed to get a permit, but most don't. I live in SLC and have 8. I'd have to look around as far as some of the nearby cities restrictions. I know many of them aren't as lenient.
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