Too many Ducks !


7 Years
Mar 23, 2012
Tickfaw, Louisiana
My Rouen and Pekin ducks have over produced this year and it is time to go to freezer camp with most of them. My ducks free range on 5 acres with a pond. At night, they are trained to march themselves to their barn when they see the security lights go on. Just like when my kids played outside, when the lights go on, play is over and it is time to come in. I then go and close the barn doorsw to keep them safe at night! The other evening, I was watching them make their march to the barn, when part way through their parade, I started to count. I counted over a hundred at that time, so I know there are over 150 and that is too many ducks. They eat a lot, but they are not as heavy as they look. Can some of you duck people, tell me what is best to fatten them up with, besides corn and 22% wild bird grower? Should I pen them up? What should they weigh live weight at harvest? What weight will They finish out at? How do you pluck all those down feathers? Any and all help would be appreciated ? I have harvested chickens and turkeys, but never waterfowl before. Please Help! Thanks.

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