Too much amprolium? How much to give?


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Aug 17, 2008
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So a couple of my birds have bloody (raw hamburger type, but no other symptoms that I can tell) droppings. I think Coccidiosis. I rushed out and bought a 16oz bottle of Corid based on what I have read here.

My questions are:

1) since the chicks (all about 5 months) and they are on a medicated grower feed, is it possible to overdose the birds on this medication using the stated directions?

2) The bottle of Corid gives directions for calves not chickens. It says a 16oz bottle will treat 100 gallons of water. I only have a 1 gallon water container, so I need .16oz (that is a very small amount). Is this really the dosage you all use for chickens?
I give mine 1 tablespoon per gallon in their water. I'm not sure about the medicated feed though...if their feed already has amprolium in it, then maybe they need something else like Sulmet? I'm sure someone else here knows a lot more than I do. Cocci is annoying, I lost two pullets to it in the past month. I hope you caught yours in time!!
Hi, somewhere in this section I read 10cc per gal( I am going through the same thing,just started treating tonight:eek:
) what I havent figured out is for how many days. Good luck
I am just starting treatment tonight also. I hope I caught it in time as I am new to this and I have seen blood for a few days now thinking it was not much to be concerned about since it did not seem to be much. Over the past few days it has not increased. That is good, right?

10cc/gal. sounds like a more reasonable amount. The directions on mine are .16oz per gallon which translates into 4.7318cc per gallon.

My birds do not seem sick though. Is it possible the blood is caused by something else? As I said, this has been going on for about 5 days now.

I think I found the reference you were speaking about.
was saying that is what the directions stated though.

Corid is a brand name. Did they change the concentration of the product recently? Do they sell different concentrations?
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Glad to help. Unfortunately, I had to look it up just today because another of my BBS orpingtons contracted cocci...
She's eating now, and feeling much better. I dosed her water at about 1:30, and 7 hours later she's starting to chipper up.
I'd have to check the link again, but it's 5 days of 4ml/gal, and 2 days of 2ml/gal? I think...

I save old gallon milk jugs, and I mix it up in there. That should last the 5 days, with only one chick using it.
Thanks for the help all. This forum has been valuable in getting me through my first experience with chickens that are @ 5-6 months old.

As an update, I am in day 5 of the Corid treatment and very happy to say that I have not lost any birds and ALL signs and symptoms of Cocci are gone.

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