Too much integration at once?

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11 Years
Dec 16, 2011
On Monday I put my 24 3 month old chicks with my current flock. They had been living in the same coop but separated by chicken wire for a month. Things are go smoothly, everybody is basically ignoring everybody else, just a peck on the head here and there. I am wondering if I can add the new rooster I got recently. He too is in the coop but seperated by wire, so they can get used to each other. He's been there for about 2 weeks. He SO wants in with the ladies and a couple of them seem interested in him also. If I put him in too, is that new many chickens at once? Everybody has plenty of room: 9.5 feet per plus runs and free ranging.
I'm for making all the changes at once. That way you get it over and done, the social structure can work out and the flock can get happy sooner. I'd add him in tonight.
I actually have 42. Hehe.
Thanks, I'll put him in soon!
He was WAY excited and going crazy with the hens... I hope he calms down! At what point should I draw the line? He was chattering like crazy trying to get the hens to come to him, and grabbing a hens head/neck, not even mounting her but he went through the mating process. All the girls just ran from him. I'm a little concerned.

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