Took the plunge


8 Years
May 22, 2011
Hi, another newbie.
I have had my girls for just over 3 years and have been dipping in to BYC since then for help, when a couple got sick, and just to read the forum topics. It is a massive help to anyone starting out, much easier than reading books and what BYCers don't know doesn't seem worth knowing.
I started with 4 rescue hens and lost 3 after a couple of months (to a fox - but have been lucky since). We got 2 POL to keep her company and then lost her about a year later. She was showing signs of internal laying, which I read up on on the Forum, so knew we were likely to loose her. It was very sad when she went, as she had outwitted the fox and we were so proud of her. We got 2 more POL as we know they like company.
Last year we lost Molly, our lovely black hen, she had crop issues and nothing could save her, we still miss her.
I would love to get fertile eggs for Eddie next time she goes broody. She is the only one of mygirls to ever have gone broody and from being a stroppy madam she gets all fluffy and maternal, it is lovely to see. But DH says chicks would be too much trouble, so am biding my time with that one. We will have eggs and we will have chicks.
Thank you all at BYC for understanding and just being there.

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