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Mar 22, 2013
New Windsor ,New York
OK I just ordered our first flock of meat birds. My wife is saying she won't eat them but as they start cooking I am hoping she will change her mind. I keep reminding her that they will be raised for meat not eggs. I plan on keeping them separate from out other egg layers. Also plan on processing them when no one is home. So all everyone sees is food on the table. That seems to me to be a good starting point. I have been watching different videos from somewhat barbaric to extremely humane. I will be more on the gentle side of this. Birds wont be here until first week of June so I have time to get all my chicks in a row.
Yeah good luck with that lol.

Know my Hubby could get all the meat birds he wanted but stupid as I know it is I'd never be able to eat them. lol. I think its because to eat meat I sort of block out where it comes from and don't think about it. It's just too hard to do that when its your own :)

I'd happily feed it to the rest of the family, they wouldn't need to know who they were eating :)
When I was a kid, we ate our own dual purpose birds in the summer and store bought in the winter. I never knew which was which. Probably there wasn't a lot of difference between them, back then, in the dark ages... Cornish X won't taste that different from store bought, so hopefully the transition won't be as difficult as it would be from store bought to dual purpose. Here's hoping that reading and realizing what a difference there is in their lives will persuade her! Needless to say, it should help, too, that they are not nearly as pleasant to have around as layers. Good luck!
They are going to be in a separate part of the yard. my wife will take care of the egg flock.And I will take care of the meat flock. And not allow her to go up to that coop LOL I hear allot about meat birds and just want to give it a shot. Nothing to loose but a little time and cost of the birds
Have talked about meat birds with my mum who grew up eating them on a farm. She reakons she would rather eat store just because its such a gross job processing them. All that feather plucking etc :)

My inability I think comes from walking in on my aunt plucking them when I was a kid. I can remember she had this big barrell of hot water and the smell. Topping it off was being served chicken from them that night. Far too much information for a city kid lol. I remember for a very long time when we would get chicken wanting to know if it was a real chicken or from the store lol. Knew they were the same thing but the real just conjured up all those images while store had no association. :)

So think your plan of making sure its all done when no one else is about might be a wise move!!
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