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8 Years
Nov 14, 2011
I'm planning on building a run using 2x4s and metal joiners. I'll be using a drill and screws this time as the nails just don't come out too easily.

I need a good power drill that can handle screwing through a 2x4 (or 2).

Money is tight so I need the most power for the least $$.

What do any of you suggest? I don't have a preference of cord/less. I've looked at some B&D 7.somethings and a few others around that size (around $20-$30) but found a couple of reviews that say they don't get the job done; the rest said they were great for around the house projects. The B&D website lists their uses as "wood, metal and plastic". Well, how much wood??

I fugure this is the best place to get advice on tools for building coops and runs

Advise away please..........
i think you should go to your nearest harbor freight store or there website. they are good cheap tools that will get the job done and not brake the bank. they are super cheap too
Thanks! I got a drill once from HF for $20! As far as I know it worked fine but I don't know if it will handle the 2x4s. I don't have the drill anymore, I gave it to the ex in the split. I loved the drill though bc it came with a hard case and a few drill bits.

I had forgotten about Harbor Freight. Do you know what size/volt/amp/torque I would need?
i have done 2x4s with 12 volt battery drills but i think you should go with a 14 to 18 volt battery drill. if you have power close you can get a plug in drill, it may be cheaper and you do not have to worry about a battery dieing on you when you are in the middle of working. i myself like the battery powered ones
i would go with a key-less chuck if you can. get some bits, for screws i use a screw guide bit. 2x4s are not that hard to put a screw into. if a screw is hard to put in, spray the screw part with wd40 (not the head of the screw) and it will go in easy. if you can get a drill with the option of a hi low switch because i find its better to but a screw in on low and it will not strip the screw as easy as it would on hi
That should cover your needs. You definitely would not get a cordless at that price, and with the corded drill once you start you don't have to stop and wait for the battery to recharge. Good luck building.
It meets your needs. It appears to be a good price. I would look for a keyless chuck though. The 1/2 inch is a good choice. I would also look for one that has a level bubble on it, that is if you are going to use the extra handle to push with. I understand that money is tight but if you can force yourself to spend a bit more, you will be happier in the long run getting one with a few more features. There again, I lived with a very basic drill for about 20 years and did fine. :) Good Luck.

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