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Mar 3, 2009
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I'm getting ready to start my run (yay)
It's going to be 8 x 16' and 6' tall. I'm going to use 3' HW cloth buried a foot down, and then chicken wire above that and on the roof. I'm a total amateur, what tools do I need? Well heck, what of everything do I need?

Here's my list so far, could you guys help me only have to make one trip to the store?

-- Fencing (I figured this one out LOL)

-- Posts -- is one of those super heavy duty metal posts every 8 feet enough or should I use the lighterweights in the middle?

-- Some sort of gate? I have no idea how to do this, I'll have to look at more photos.

-- Wire cutters of some kind?

-- Some sort of wire to attach everything together?

Anything else?



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Sep 3, 2008
You'll need a post driver & a shovel. Don't forget wire to attach the fencing to the posts.

Also, if you want it to be sturdy, you may want to think about using cross-beams between the posts. This way even if a predator jumps on top of the chicken wire, it won't bring it down.

Go to your local Home Depot and talk with them about the post system. They will point you to all the pieces you need to install the top rail on it. It will add a bit of cost, but make the fence hard to knock down. They will also rent or sell post drivers (basically a bigger pipe with one end welded shut).

Good luck,


P.S. I did a run of 14x12 with 5' wire fence & a 8' center post to create a slope for the chicken wire. All in all that took me about 6 hours to put together.


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Feb 5, 2009
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I don't have the strength to use a post driver so I use wooden posts -- regular fence posts, or treated 2X4's or 4X4's. And an old fashioned post hole digger. I concreted in a 4X4 to hang the gate from. (You buy one small bag, dump it in the hole, then pour water in from a bucket.) Wooden posts make attaching a cross piece easier too.

You sure need to find someone at Home Depot or wherever who is willing to help you think it through. Esp. the gate.


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Sep 3, 2008
ddawn has a good point. I am a strong man and I was feeling it after driving the posts into the ground. There is also another product you can use instead of using a digger.

They call them mailbox crosses here in Canada. Basically it's a X shaped metal spike about 3 ft long with a box attached to it. The box has screws on one side and fits a 4x4 fence post exactly. You drive that into the ground using a short section of 4x4 post as a knock surface with either a big hammer or a splitting axe. It's a lot less work as the shape of the X really helps with the insertion + it's at your hip height, so there isn't a need to fumble with 9-10' posts on a ladder with the driver.


They are generally located near the fencing & deck lumber section in Home Depot.

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