"Top Bar Bee Hives" Something cool I just discovered.


12 Years
Dec 26, 2007
Tampa Bay, Florida
I am here in South Tampa and just about everytime I put up a bird house I get bees. Well I just discovered how to make the whole situation work .... I hope.

If you want to see the whole sorted affair check it out here!
I love the top bar hives and built my own last year. Found a book called The Barefoot Beekeeper that was pretty informative. They have a whole section on Beemasters.com forum if you are interested in talking with other who are using top bars.
Yeah Top Bar systems work very well. I've actually found that the better quality honey comes from such set ups. Not as much quantity-wise...but quality is far supreme. "In-comb" honey is highly prized and worth more too
Its not as "reusable" as the Box systems seeing as you remove most all of the hive/comb when harvesting...* also, centrifuging and such isn't utilized* but if you leave just a little at harvest time or the connector notches they will build back up quickly. Also setting up side bars next to the brooder combs will help the transfer period...... That book is very informative
I have it in my library.

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