Topic of the Week - Aggressive Roosters: What is the best way to handle them?


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Some roosters are really amazing flock members that knows their place and looks after their flocks without ever causing issues, or show signs of aggression towards his hens, or humans. But sometimes a problem rooster crops up that shows either excessive aggression to his hens, or attacks humans. In this thread, please tell me your thoughts on how to best manage an aggressive rooster, specifically:

- What was your experience(s) with aggressive roosters and what did you try/do to remedy it?
- Should aggressive roosters be rehabilitated, rehomed, or invited for dinner?

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Good question! I'm 5' tall and I have a rooster that tries to get behind me, he runs after me, he stands on the porch, he stands in front of the door when I try to go inside. I don't trust the rooster and I'm afraid of him, he ruffles his neck feathers up and charges me. My husband told me not to back away from him, but to walk toward him and chase him away instead of letting him chase me away. I walk out to the chicken house with a shovel because I'm afraid of the rooster. My flock is free range and I don't feel comfortable in my own yard.

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Jul 20, 2016
i have only just last week got my first rooster.... a silkie!!!! and he is stunning and yes a very different experience as he has from no where attacked me nothing serious mind i just chased him away when he did do it... but today he ate from my hand so hoping a way forward ... now if i could get him to look after the 4 girls i had first be good. i got him with 2 girl silkies so far they stick together while the other 4 do their own thing..... mmmmm so looking forward this thread see if a get some good advice about roosters xx


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We have a Rhode Island Red rooster that is appx.18 months and seems to be more aggressive every day, mean to the hens, attacks you as you cross the yard or if you go into the coop he waits outside to get you.
I have chased him, swatted him with the broom, soaked him with the water hose nothing works.
I hate to make him into rooster and dumplings, but am at my wit's end with him.
My wife will not even go to the coop because of him.
The real problem is I feel I need a rooster to help protect the hens as they free range.
Hope someone has a solution or rooster and dumplings it is.


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I make mine go in the corner until I leave the coop. I taught them by making them uncomfortable (chasing them with the net) anywhere else in the coop. I've taught some to go to the roost by using the same technique. As soon as the rooster goes where I want him, I leave him alone. The good rooster figures out right quick how to stay out of my way. If the rooster wants to constantly challenge me, they go to the man down the road who turns them into stew.


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Mar 10, 2016
Even though I hate roosters that are aggressive, I can't bring myself to kill them, so I'll either give them to someone in the area for them to do whatever they like with him, or I'll send him to the animal auction in my area for someone else to deal with. I lose my patience with mean roosters, and normally my hatred towards them is greater than the want for them to be nice lol

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Aug 14, 2016
My 4 mos old RIR lowers his head and bumps my lower legs. I did a little research and one suggestion was to pick him up and walk around for about 15 mins. He stays close to me and doesn't attack but want to be prepared. My chickens free range and I keep a broom handy. If he lowers his head then I grab the broom. I've never hit him but he recognizes me as the alpha. We will see if this continues to work. He takes food from my hand and let's me get eggs so hoping for the best.

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