Torn crop


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Creedmoor, NC
One of my younger cockerels (22 weeks, a Marans) has been attacked through the fence by my older rooster. My injured bird's crop has been cut open, about a 1/2" cut. It seems to be near the top of his crop. I've isolated him in a large cage in our mudroom, but haven't done anything else. He seemed pretty stunned, so I was concerned about stressing him out more tonight.

It's such a small tear, I'm not sure how or even if I should try to repair it. Flies here have gotten out of control, so I'm concerned about them. He's one of the cockerels that I was planning on using for breeding and he's such a great bird, so I want to be sure he heals well.

What can I do?
Is it the skin or the skin and the crop. Either way you could try and repair it just like you would if you had to perform crop surgery for impacted crop. Close the crop first and then close the skin. I stitch or 2 would do for both layers it seems or you could stitch up the crop and super glue the skin.
You can read a few of the crop surgery threads to get some pointers. Do you have any friends who are paramedics or nurses that can get sutures with curved needles? Even sewing thread would work in this emergency.
It's torn through the crop and skin. He was leaking food out of his crop- that's how I discovered the tear.

Stitch with any natural fiber like cotton or silk,they will dissolve. If wound is only 1/2 " this will be no problem to stitch,make sure you sterilize needle till red hot and thread can be sterilized with rubbing alcohol or similar agent. Clean and disinfect area prior to stitching. Use 2 stitches on crop and 2 stitches in skin for a 1/2" wound,tie each stitch off separately. Watch for infection,signs of infection are redness,swelling,foul smell,chicken acting lethargic,not eating/drinking,etc. For pain give baby aspirin(81mg)dose is 25mg per lb of body weight,place in water or sprinkle over feed.

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