Tornado Party in my basement


6 Years
Jul 28, 2013
Outlying Oklahoma City

Tornadoes in my area today. I got my roo and several hens. I also got the 2 hens that are broody. One has 10 chicks and the other has 10 eggs that will hatch Friday. My Americauna Pullets and 2 ducks. There are 11 hens still outside.
Do you live in Oklahoma because isn't that where the most tornados happen I live in Canada so we don't really get tornados
Hope you stay safe and everyone weathers it well. When I was out in VA and we had a hurricane my hubby made fun of me for packing everything into the basement and covering things up. He was thanking me the next few days when we had food and our basement didn't flood because of my preparations. I don't miss hiding from the tornadoes and hurricanes.

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