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    Jan 21, 2014
    Ok so I have committed to owning chickens. We ordered the 15 ornamental layer collection plus the free mystery chick from Mcmurry. 16 birds in total. They will arrive the second week of April. I have the brooder set up in the basement and I bought a 50 pound bag of starter. I have time and materials dedicated to building the coop and run.

    I'm trying to plan for future feeding. I bought dent corn and mangle beets to plant in the spring. I bought ACV with the mother to ferment any layer feed that I buy. I have sent an E-mail to a local feed mill to price wheat seed for my fodder system. I will also feed table scraps. Farming meal worms looks easy enough.

    I'm very confident in my ability to produce food for these animals. However at the same time I do not know how much of what and when to give. My fail safe is that chickens will eat what they need so maybe I could just throw food at them and figure it out.

    I have scoured these forums as well as talked with locals. There is so much opinion that it makes it very hard for a new person to feel certain. Unless I compare it to my first child, you all talk to much, as long as I genuinely care it will work out.


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