Total Newby needs a little help.


5 Years
May 8, 2017
Hi everyone. Totally new to chickens and bought 8 during the kid's Easter break. The chicks came from Tractor Supply and we bought 5 pullets and 3 straight run Orpingtons. I called a day or two later to inquire about the pullet breeds. I was told 'Isa Brown'. Well after doing my homework they are NOT Isa Brown Pullets! They are white chicks! But are they White Rock, leg horns or something else entirely? I don't even know their age. When we bought them their real feathers were in or coming in and they could fly. The lady said she couldn't garuntee they didn't pen hop in the store.... a few weeks later, I have one that is way bigger than the rest and the comb is getting red. I would love opinions so h
ere is a picture.
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They look to be around 7-9 weeks old. I can't see any obvious cockerels. I think they are either White Plymouth Rocks or White Leghorns. White Plymouth Rocks will have red earlobes and lay brown legs and the White Leghorn would have white earlobes and lay white eggs.
They look more like White Plymouth Rocks and the one with slightly red comb and wattles is obviously a cockerel.
Update! A year later and laying beautiful eggs nearly everyday, the one with the red ears is a Plymouth Rock! The other 4 are appear to be White Leghorns! They are about half the size of the Plymouth. There were no cocks in this group, as previously thought. All of my hens lay an egg nearly every day!!!(including the 3 buffs)

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