Totally a novice


6 Years
Apr 26, 2013
Hi y'all! I am so new at this, in fact, my chicks don't even hatch until tomorrow, but I have found such helpful information on this website, that I almost feel ready!
I researched breeds and decided on BO to start with. However, I live in southern NC where temperatures can get fairly warm in the summers. I have read that BO are winter hardy, but what about hot summers with all their feathers. Any advice?
Thanks! So happy to have this forum for support and information.
from New Mexico!

BO's are pretty tolerant of all heat. And being tan in color, they don't over heat as easily as the darker colored birds. Don't worry if you don't know what you are doing yet, your chicks will have you trained in no time.

Great to have you aboard and enjoy BYC!
Greetings from Kansas, mybuffbabies, and
! Happy you joined us! I'd worry more about the heat with the humidity. I had a buff go down last summer on a hot and humid day - gave her a slow immersion in cool water and she snapped out of it - same with thing a Black Australorp. Just make sure they have cool water to drink, shade, and breeze. On super hot days I damp down some bare dirt in the shade - sometimes they scrape out little hollows in the damp cool earth to cool off. Best of luck to you!
you could also get "misters" that put a fine spray of water into the air. Head for "where am I , where are you," and find your state thread to post on. You may find other chickens lovers near you. At the very least they may have tips about getting chickens thru hot weather

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