totally black comb and wattle--and skin on face


Jun 26, 2015
This is NOT frostbite--it's July in Texas. I let someone else take care of my chickens yesterday as I was very ill. This morning my favorite rooster is black everywhere that he should be red. (he's a barnfelder). He doesn't seem to feel fad but I'm really worried. What do y'all think?
could it be disease?
Is he the only one showing symptoms? Is he your only rooster? When your friend cared for them, were they moved to another property or have they always been where they are now? Noticed anything different about his droppings? If not, I'd try and pay attention and see if anything looks out of the ordinary next time you're at the coop. Would the person taking care of them have fed only layer feed? I imagine it's something with his liver - possibly visceral gout (especially if he was given layer feed for an extended amount of time), maybe blackhead...
If his comb was black it may be dried blood from pecking or injuries. Would he have been agressive to the person caring for him? They can injure themselves on wire fencing if struggling. Can you post a picture of his comb and face? Here is a picture of a bloody comb:


picture by Indianafarmchick
actually, its looking more purple at the moment...I'll try to get a pic of him tonight. Bit of a luddite and experiencin RA and lupus flairs at the moment. they've not been moved from the property...the fellow that feeds them tries to look at them but can't always discern the little things I see when I walk out to gather eggs and have a long visit.
Purple or blue might be a sign of stress, such as from heat or dehydration, or from a heart problem. Is it scabby or just normal skin with purple color? I'll take a look at your picture.
it's very normal looking except sort of a dark maroon at the moment. don't know if there will be a pic as I only have an old people phone and don't know how to load pics, but if she can make it over, we'll do our best.
He looks better since I brought him in with the air conditioner, but he's still not doing too well:

His comb is very blue. I would suspect he is either dehydrated or suffering from the heat. Poor guy. If you have some SaveAChick or other electrolytes, or a pinch of salt and a tsp of sugar in a quart of water, give that to him. Let him rest in the AC. A little chopped up egg or canned tuna might perk him up, but his heart may be weak. I hope that you can get him feeling better.
wanted to give y'all an update. He looks SO much better. comb much redder. He is in the house and has gone through two bottles of pedialyte and a lot of water. I noticed he had very loose bowels so started him on good greek yogurt which he just loves. upgraded to save a chick probiotics and dehydration stuff, and the vet wanted him to be on aureomycin crumbles---mixing a bit into his yogurt. Anyway, I'll holler if anything else happens. I really love this rooster. he keeps peace in the yard, doesn't permit other roosters to be mean to the hens and take care of the little chicks. Sooo....I'd hate to lose him...any more suggestions are appreciated. feel like y''all saved his little life...
I am so glad to hear that he is feeling better, and hope with the meds and food/water that he will continue to be the peacekeeper for a lot longer.

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