Totally stopped laying, is this normal after heat stroke

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    Feb 18, 2011
    A week or so back I wrote about my Delaware Mabel having droopy wings, pale face, etc. After quarantining her, giving her cold water and pampering her butt she bounced back to the bratty chicken she normally is (fine by me as she's the head chicken). She has since resumed normal eating, normal pooping and all her usual shananagans. However, after a week she's still not laying. Is this normal after heat stroke? We figured this was heat stroke based on other's information, research, etc. She gets a good food, lots of fruit and veggies and is a beautiful chicken. It's just she used to lay an egg a day and now nadda.
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    My chickens all completely quit laying because of the heat for a couple of weeks. Once they got used to it, they have resumed laying, but their production still isn't quite what it was.
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    Absolutely normal. Once an animal has suffered heat stroke, it generally will be more susceptible to future heat related problems.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Okay, good to know. I'm keeping cool fresh water outside. I'm also putting ice packs in the coop during the day, providing lot of shade and misting when I'm home. Of course the next three days are going to be even hotter so I'll be watching closely! Thanks guys!

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