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  1. Kathryn79

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    Aug 31, 2014
    can someone tell me how long a roosters sperm can remain active inside a hen. I got rid of my Sussex and Plymouth Rock rooster about 6 months ago. I then only had a golden laced Wyandotte rooster, I then incubated these little beauties, all crossed with an Isa Brown, but clearly there is 1 young Plymouth Rock X rooster and 2 Sussex X hens in this picture.. These pulleys are only about 11 weeks old. How the crap did this happen? [​IMG]
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    Not really sure...but after getting rid of a Dominic and a Barred Rock rooster (both extremely aggressive)this spring....I still ended up with striped chicks...seems those little "Tadpoles" stick around for longer than expected....that's for sure!
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