Toulouse pair with watery stool?!?!?! Help!


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
We got our Toulouse pair last week and the first day we let them
Out of the barn the female got chased by coyotes!

Our dogs took care of the coyote but it took us 18 hours to find her in the woods. She was tired and had a scrape that we treated but now I noticed both goose and gander have water consistency stool! I don’t know if they had it before we let them out or not...

We have both ducks and geese in the same pen so I don’t know if it’s constant but I can confirm both do have it.

We confined them in our barn for the first few days and they seemed stressed so we let them out and seem more relaxed. Eating and drinking ok walking around in and out of the rubber water tub.

Any ideas if I should treat them
With anything?

I’m feeding flock grower, corn/ oats/ barley and they have hay to pick through.

Any suggestions are appreciated
Is your female broody or just laying?

Probably no need to worm yet if she is broody. I wait till fall to worm since it's right before breeding season.

Get some bird probiotics and give that too them to see if that helps with the poop.

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