Toying with new 'bator, need help with thermostat?


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Seattle area (Kirkland)
I'm trying to make a chic-chick-bator style incubator, larger than what I have here, with an actual thermostat. I know people have been recommending a specific one from Home Depot) but I found this today, new in the package, at the thrift:

Lower Thermostat

And I can't see why there should be a functional difference except that this one just says 'hot -> very hot' rather than giving numbers, and I can fiddle with that. So I'm hoping this is all right.

I can't tell, from looking at several 'how to's with multiple pictures, *how* the wiring works. The electricity comes to the thermostat from outside, and then goes to the light. That much I understand. That's where I'm stuck. None of the pictures I'm looking at SHOW how the wires are supposed to go, and I'm pretty clueless about electrical things. It's not that I'm afraid to try, but this darn thing has a warning on the instruction sheet that says "Failure to place the thermostat behind the thermostat bracket and against the tank could cause overheating resulting in death, serious bodily injury, or property damage."

Thank you in advance!
Mine was wired with power coming from the power cord into stud marked 1. Stud 2 went to light.

Now my disclaimer. As I was a big fan of the hot water heater therm's. I have had a couple of bad hatches that I will blame on poor temp. Do your self a favor and get a wafer type thermostat. I believe I got mine from GQF.

It is awesome and keeps temp right on. It is only 16.95 plus shipping. Have one bad hatch and you would have wished you spent the little extra. Blue wire goes to power cord and white wire goes to the light.

I have no connection to GQF. I love this thermostat.

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