Toys for curious chicks?


May 2, 2015
With the recent three additions, of the feathered kind XD, to the family, we discovered just that chicks are very curious.

I got them a small plastic ladder that leads to a mirror and connects to their pen. They've been climbing it to stare at themselves, they seem to enjoy tapping it and watching themselves. =)
Are toys for small/ medium birds good to get for chicks? (Mine are 3.5 weeks old)

If so, what kind of toys would you recommend?
I've been thinking of a rope toy with wood blocks. (Yes/ No?)

Thank you for your time. =)
They will probably love any kind of toy. They will definitely love things to jump up on and hide under, and extra roosts.

But what they really want is to be outside foraging, where there is lots of space. Yours are old enough that they should have a minimum of 1 sq ft per chick of floor space, and this will double in about 3 more weeks. If you can, take them for short outings outdoors. Also, start weaning them from the heat lamp if you haven't already, in preparation for moving outdoors. Another thing they like very well is a piece of sod.

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