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    Who is doing the better job for the environment. The folders or scrunchers. In other words who is killing less trees?

    Being a folder myself, I got to pondering this question while spending some time on the throne. So for all you scrunchers, how many sheets approx. are you using with this method.

    Let's decide once and for all which is the more environmentally friendly technique.

    **LEGAL DISCLAIMER** The author is not not trying to convert folders to scrunchers, & is merely trying to unravel what he considers to be one of the great mysteries of life.
  2. Ok, well when I have to use a public "dunny" thats a new word for you, They use 1 ply!! then I definately feel the need to scrunch it into a great big comfy scratchy ball!!!
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    Oh, yeah, that nice public TP, that has the disclaimer on the wrapping paper

    *splinters not included.
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    Quote:Also known as John Wayne TP

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