Tracfone Question


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Ok. I hope this makes sense. LOL

I have a tracfone now... It's a flip-phone... well, I can get free incoming texts if when I get the text, instead of flipping open my phone, I hit the down button on the side (like for the volume) then it lets me read part of the text through the outside window. It won't let me read all of it, but, once I flip open my phone and open the message I can read all of it, but it doesn't charge me any minutes!!!! Did yall understand what I said? Does anybody elses tracfone let them do that?

I want to get the new LG800 tracfone, (because it comes with triple minutes for life!!!!!!) but I'm not sure if it will give me free incoming texts like mine does now, so I was wondering if anybody else here had the LG800
Thanks DuckyGurl! I was really hoping I would still be able to get free incoming texts, but I agree, the triple minutes do sound sooooo awsome!

I like my flip phone though because I can literally never butt dial someone... how hard is it to butt dial someone with your phone?

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