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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
North Central Oklahoma
So, after seeing several articles and claims by people that they have harvested thousands of pounds of food from small yard gardens, I decided to start keeping a record of all that we grow and harvest. Right now it's just a running log in a notebook that I'll break down at the end of the harvest season so I know how much of each thing we produced. I'm not only keeping track of garden produce, but also eggs we collect and fodder that we grow for our animals. Anyone else doing this? Thought maybe if others were doing this too we could post once a week or so and see how we average out.

So far this week we've harvested:
1 lb of lettuce
1/2 lb spinach
4 oz of celery
34 eggs
24 1/2 lbs of fodder
Thanks I'll try that.
Totals for the month of April

Eggs: chicken - 256, duck - 14, turkey - 8

Food for human consumption: lettuce - 2lb 12.3 oz, spinach - 1lb 5.3 oz, carrot - 1.95oz, celery - 1lb 8.7oz, beet greens - 2 oz

Food for animal consumption: fodder - 192lbs 11.2oz, greens - 1lb 11.3oz

Total overall: 200lbs 5.8oz + 278 eggs
This is a really good idea. Good luck to you with your tracking! looking forward to seeing your results.

I would have a hard time with this because I am a grazer in the garden. I think maybe one meal of peas made it to the kitchen for supper. I walk around the yard with my pockets stuffed with fresh peas. May keep a salt shaker in the green house for green onions also. This year I am going to grow green beans also, just to vary my diet a little bit.
Yeah, well my son accused me of having "issues" today because I was eating peas and strawberries without weighing them first. Lol. Peas rarely make it inside and are even less seldom cooked before eating. My daughter said we could just weigh me before and after I was in the garden to see how much we produced and I ate fresh... don't count on that one happening sweetheart. :)
Tammy, I write it all in a notebook through the day and then my husband enters it into his spreadsheet at the end of the week. There are days when I barely sit down let alone have time for the computer. Now maybe if I had an app on my nook for it that I could use like a notebook ... that would work for me. I'll have to see if anyone has invented that yet. Lol.

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