Tracking your chicken meal.


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I usually buy Murray's chicken meat at the local grocery store, their label has a number on it and says you can visit their site and put the # in and it shows you the chicken that you ate, and where it was when it was alive, and actually tracks the bird. Has anyone actually tried it and saw their food before it was processed? I was gonna try it, but lost the label with the tracking number. :|
Why is it that I wouldn't be too surprised if you got a pic of a generic meat bird that looks good and the city of the plant? I can't imagine all birds having unique tracking numbers. I think each lot might. Interesting idea though.
My first thought was - how do I really know that was THE bird that I had eaten. But they can't lie about that can they?
*Mother Earth News did a big spread recently about the Fed wanting to put RFID chips in literally EVERY livestock animal ever born-- so, I'm not surprised by this 'promotion' at all, honesty. We're next, too. . . . . .
Could be!! -- but what's the point of all the then superfluous tracking/gps in our cars, cells, chicken tenders and so forth?? Just back-ups, boosters???
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Actually I found the sticker from the meat package. It reads: " Find out where this chicken came from and learn more about the family that raised it. Please enter the code below on"

So, actually it shows you the local farm where it was raised and butchered. That makes more sense. Pennsylvania. The site was nice and explained alot about how they do business with local farms. BTW that chicken was really delicious last night.
Ah, in that case it sounds better. If they work with local farmers so that fuel does not need to be spent to ship the birds a thousand miles, at least that is one step in the right direction.

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