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Hello, first time poster here. My family is getting into chicken raising for the first time and I have a question on coops and inground sprinkling systems. We are getting 6 chicks soon and after box raising them, need to put outdoors in our new coop (which I don't have yet). I like the idea of the tractor coops, but my yard has an inground sprinkling system and the coop and chickens would be subject to a 10-20 minute bath every day. Will the chickens be ok with this? My other option is a standard, non-moveable coop on the edge of my yard that doesn't get hit by the water.

Opinions appreciated.
Brad in Michigan
I'm assuming your sprinkler system is set to go on early in the morning, right? You could simply move your tractor to the edge of your yard before you go to bed at night (where you would have put the stationary coop). Then, in the morning, after your lawn has been watered, move the tractor back into your yard. Tractors are great for giving chickens fresh ground to scratch around in without them killing the grass, and also you don't have to pick up poops the way you would in a stationary run.
I am currently building a tractor that will sit in my backyard which has inground sprinklers. I am not too worried about the sprinklers because I can always move the chicken tractor like elmo said. But my sprinklers come on in the early morning and the chickens will be in the coop still asleep so as long as I place the coop where the sprinkler isn't directly hitting the ventilation on the side they shouldn't get wet! It rains 50+ inches/year where I live so I don't care about the tractor itself getting wet by sprinklers!
from the great state of Texas glad to see you and happy you joined the BYC.

as for the advice the question is would you rather be able to move the coop or would you like to keep it in one place?

If you choose the tractor just move it to the end of the yard every night that doesn't get hit with water.

Now if you go with solid just cover up the vent every night so it doesn't get the water in it and then after the watering is done go open the vent back up.

In either case besure to waterproof the walls and roof so that the water doesn't get into either coop.

Good luck to you and have fun raising your girls.
I have sprinklers and I turn them on manually in the back. I do place a tarp over the side that will be whacked by the sprinkler to keep it out of the vent holes and keep the inside of the coop dry.

I don't want to move my tractor too often and my girls free range anyway.

I only water three times a week at the most though. Utah is in our permanent drought situation.

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