Tractor is done....12 by 4 feet....

Oliver Douglas

Mar 25, 2015
So my little flock are enjoying themselves in the new tractor. Build it based upon a YouTube video with PVC and chicken wire. Found the best way to keep the door shut is by using bungee cords so I can slide it back and forth for their access in and out. Have a six foot perimeter fence and have covered most access points where varmints might get in, but they are only out there from dawn to dusk. At night, when they are sleeping, I let my pooch have access to that yard when she has to do her duty, but she seems more amused by them than predatory. Will probably put some mortar blocks around the base of the coop to make it more secure. I figure that tractor will be big enough for three Cuckoo Marans...funny to watch them get out for bedtime and run around the coop looking for an open door...once two get in, the other frets and runs around like a "chicken with it's head cut off", if you catch my drift. Squeezed through a half open door this evening. Thought the others were having a kegger?


Flock Mistress
13 Years
Jan 9, 2009
south Florida, Pompano Beach
They can be so funny!! Your tractor sounds wonderful! Keep enjoying your girls!!

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