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11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
I am hoping that I am posting this in the right section. Recently I went to Tractor Supply and bought baby chicks out of the easter bins they always set up full of chicks, ducklings and bunnies. I was told they are Araucanas but I am betting they are Easter Eggers. Has anyone ever had any bad luck with chicks they bought at a feed store? Usually I buy my birds from a local hatchery but they cut their budget and are only doing ducklings for easter.....
No, I've had nothing but good luck. RIR/production reds and Amberlinks - they are darn good layers, too. Wish my TSC sold EEs, I'd buy some then. I went up yesterday to my TSC and they have lots of chicks, but none that I'm looking for right now. I was shocked that I didn't buy any!

I just bought 14 babies over a week ago from TSC, and they're all doing GREAT!

And, yeah, the "Ameraucana's" they sell are really Easter Eggers!

I love those EE's.

I would bet they are correct. TSCs' here do a really great job keeping them in the right groups - I know with their ducks right now they do tell you they are assorted and most of the people there will try to guess what they are. I picked up some gold laced Wyandottes this year and they are doing fantastic along with the couple duckies I got. This year they are Partnering with the ALBC for rare breeds so I am sure they are being extra careful. Also, if anyone is interested if you pick up their ordering form there are several "threatened" and "Waatched" breeds on their order form of chicks.

I have never had a problem with their chicks and even have bought Barred Rock chickies from Agway (had to order of course first) and every single one of them lived right on up to adulthood (12 of them).

The six I got last year are now four but it was an animal attack. I now have four more babies and they are 3 wks. old and doing well!

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