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Apr 24, 2007
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There is another swap coming up at the Tractor Supply Co in Tallahassee on Sunday June 3rd. 10:00AM
5743 W Tennessee Street, Tallahassee
chickens, waterfowl, small animals and rabbits welcome
This is the second swap here they had a very good turnout last month Hope to see ya there
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I am so going to try to come to this one. I didnt know about the last one until after. I am up in Thomasville, Ga.

I just hatched a bunch of Guinea Keets last week, so I will probly be looking to get rid of a few.
Is anyone bringing Modern games? I'm thinking of switching out my Serama trio of some Moderns. They are a little over a year old, but i like the look of the Moderns. I would like Red Pyle, Birchen, or Silver Blue, but I'm pretty open to any color except solid black.

Also does anyone have any Non-white or Exchequer leghorns, Mottled Anconas, or BBS Andalsions (sp?) ? I am looking for chicks and/or pullets/hens, not eggs. I currently have Mottled Anconas and a White leghorn hen, looking to expand my white egg pen.
Is there a list of things people are bringing? If not, maybe we should start one on here to show people what will be there.

If anyone is going that is bringing light brahmas, light sussex, delaware, or salmon faverolle PLEASE let me know. Also looking for another Royal Palm Turkey Hen. NPIP

If I go, I may bring some Royal Palm turkey hatching eggs, and a variety of chicks. I will have some French Black Copper Marans ( Wade Jeane/ Bev Davis) and Olive Eggers, and Turkens.

I have already sold my cream legbar eggs for June. I would have liked to have brought some of these
What I have:
5 Runner Ducklings, hatched 5/9
8-10 Guinea keets, hatched 5/8&12
3 Blue EE/Jersey Giants, hatched 3/20
EE eggs, Wh Amer Roo, blue/green eggs
Mottled Ancona eggs
Maybe Blue Jersey Giant eggs
Maybe some Serama eggs
Serama trio (trade for Modern trio only)
LF Turken 4 mth old pair, (only sell together) roo white/ pullet buff

What I want:
Modern Games, any color but solid black
Sebright, buff or silver, hens/pullets
Cayuga Hens (black/grey eggs)
LF Leghorns hens/pullets, not white or exchequer
LF Dominique hens/pullets
LF Welsummer hens/pullets (speckled eggs)
LF white egg layers, buttercup,andaulsion, hamburg, etc
LF Frizzle, hen/pullet, any color/breed
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I am going to try to come. Here is what I'll have so far:
Quad of Cream Brown Dutch bantams
Pair of Bantam Barred Rock
Possibly bantam light and buff brahma's
Black silkie roo
blue and black silkie chicks
Just heard that this is being advertised very well. They are having a large livestock swap on saturday with horses, cows, etc and the small animal and poultry swap on sunday. Remember to bring your own chairs, and coverups if you have them shade is limited This is only the second swap in the northern end of he state lets try to keep them going
I was talking to the girls who are hosting this swap on saturday June 2nd they are having a horse,cattle and large animal swap then on Sunday its the small animal and poultry swap
I also have a 4 month old pair of LF turkens, the roo is white and the pullet is buff. Something tried to pull the pullet though the fence when she was 2 months old, so she now has a scar around her neck from where the skin was torn, and her top beak is broken (like she was debeaked) and she eats fine. She is very sweet and runs up to me to pick her up, she was held alot while she was healing. I want them to go as a pair because she has become very attached to the roo because he was her cage buddy. I dont have room to keep another roo, or i would keep them.

I will try to take some pictures of the birds I plan on bringing.

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