Tractor Supply Coop, good starter? anyone have the GoneGreen Terrace coop?


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Apr 10, 2014
Does anyone have an opinion about this coop from tractor supply?

We're looking for a coop to get us started. My husband is planning on building one, but we don't have the time just yet. I have been watching Craigslist for an affordable one, but I can't find one in my price range (probably the time of year!) I'm hoping to find one close to $150 that we can either sell next season once we've figured out what we want in a coop and built one, or use parts of to make a coop that suits our needs. This coop looks versatile with the pens (we'll probably build a run as well for when they're full sized)

Anyway, I'm reluctant to just go ahead and order it because I can't see it in person, and the two that TSC has out don't look like they're great quality, and of course there are no helpful reviews!
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i do not own this one. but pre made coops a generally poor quality. maby you should wait to get chicks until you can build a good long lasting coop.
The chicks have already hatched and we've decided to keep some. The chickens I had as a kid were kept indoors, so I'm not sure what I'm going to want for my 3 hens. I'm also thinking we may want the option of keeping 3 from next years hatch as well, so the size may end up changing.

Does anyone in Chickenland have any experience with the GoneGreen brand from Tractor Supply?
I know that they will fall apart less than a year into use. Look up reviews online. There are a few prefab coops available online that are made of quality wood but they're very expensive. Pretty much you pay for what you get.

I think you would be much better off modifying a large wooden doghouse or finding a wooden children's playhouse. Craigslist is a good place to find good deals if you don't want to pay full price.

I like converting wooden sheds into coops but even a small shed would be overkill for 3 hens.
That is so true.

Anyone planning to keep chickens needs to take into consideration that chickens are so addictive that you need to plan on having a coop at LEAST twice as large as originally intended .... just so there is room for the inevitable additions
also quite true. My new coop has 4 times the square footage of the of the old one. I've looked at the prefab animal enclosures at TSC, both for chickens and dogs. They've made me build my own. Really not worth the money. You will regret the purchase in the long run.
I looked at this one in person and I personally didn't like it at all. It seems cheap and things didn't line up even where they should have, and it's much smaller then what I wanted.
thanks everyone. i originally had my heart set on building this one: as a temporary coop until we figured out what a "dream coop" was for us. I didn't realize those plastic horizontal sheds cost a fortune and can't find one on Craigslist anywhere! i guess these little ladies will have to move to the dog kennel until i find one or make hubby take a day or two off :)

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