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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by HillCountryMomma, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Mar 16, 2008
    I posted this in the raising chicks section without realizing there was a section just for legal issues! I'll copy and paste my original message below. To add another update, I just got an email from a lady saying at TS in another Texas town is doing the same thing and the workers there couldn't tell her if it was NAIS or USDA or what. I don't understand how ALL the employees can be so clueless.

    Original post:
    Boy did I get a nasty surprise at TS last night.

    Went in to grab a bag of layer pellets. I don't usually buy feed from them, but I just realized the layer pellets my local feed store carries contain a petroleum based preservative. So that led me to TS.

    Anyway, they are having their 'Chick Days'. Sure enough, there were the chicks in the water tanks. My kids and I went over to look and a sales associate hurried over to tell us that as of this year they have to collect tracking information from us and that there is a min purchase of 6 chicks required. If any of the chicks become ill or die, the purchases has to report this information back to TS. I asked who was implementing this program and was originally told the hatchery (Ideal). Upon further investigation I was told by Ideal that they have nothing to do with that policy or tracking chicks. The second time I talked to someone at TS the lady (very defensively) told me it was a federal mandate and that all chicks sold in Texas have to be registered and tracked.

    So, I'm hunting everywhere I can think of to try and get concrete information on this issue. I called around to a couple other feed stores and no one had any idea what TS was talking about. No one else is gathering tracking information.

    The lady at TS really couldn't give me good info. Couldn't tell me who my information would go to, but did tell me it would be kept on record for at least a year. She also said that this tracking is a nation wide federal mandate!

    If anyone knows the laws in Texas pertaining to this issue PLEASE let me know!

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    I donʻt know, but Idealʻs name has appeared again with another issue pertaining to respiratory problems with chicks. Ideal also supplies Delʻs Farm Supply in the North West which is a division of TSC. They have the same policy about 6 minimum and they want your physical address when you purchase chicks. When I ordered directly from Ideal this Spring, they werenʻt happy with my mailing address (should be enough, the chicks are mailed), but insisted on my physical address even though no mail is delivered here. Iʻd like to know whatʻs up.
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