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Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by smarsh, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Quote:Actually it depends on the individual TSC, ours orders from Mt. Healthy. We are also in MI.

    Also wanted to note, ours doesn't have a minimum or take personal info, so who knows why some are different???
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    When I asked the guy at TSC yesterday if they had any grower/finisher and he gave me that confused look like my dog does when he hears a high pitched noise, I decided no buying chicks from them-if they don't know what feed they sell, you can't expect them to be able to tell you what breed a chick is!
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    Feb 9, 2008
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    Quote:Yeah, I asked a girl last year what breed of bantam chicks they had, she said "bantams." I said, I know, but which breeds? She said "That is the breed, they are miniature chickens." [​IMG] I kindly explained there were all different breeds of bantams, just like there were different breeds of the large fowl. She was actually nice about it and quite surprised, she had "never heard that before!"
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    You could check with the store(s) and see how they handle their chicks. I've gotten chicks from an auction, and from a local Farm & Fleet. The store had 2 order dates, one in February and one in March. They did NOT have open aluminum "water tanks" with live birds available to handle. Instead, they kept the chicks in their (Big) storeroom and you had to bring your paid order to show for your chicks. The staff boxed them with some shavings and brought them out to you. At the store I ordered from you could tell that the staff was enjoying the birds. When I left many customers were asking what kind I ordered.
    We now have a Rural King and they have open tanks for baby birds, at least the one an hour a way from us used to do it that way. They just opened up last Fall. I really hope that they won't do it that way HERE. C-U has a large population that moved here from Chicago (big city, of course) and there are children who don't have a clue about "please don't touch/pick up". I'm afraid that they might harm the chicks by thinking it's a petting zoo. [​IMG]
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    I bought my first chicks from TS last year with great success. The tractor supply near us is in Salem, Ohio and the staff was very helpful and answered any questions we had. They even told me about this site. Awesome! I know they told me where the chicks came from but i can't remember, and they evey knew all about the sexlinks that we purchased. Good Luck
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    In short, knowledge varies from store to store, just like any retailer. If you don't like the knowledge or attitute of a particular retailer, you go to the next one down the road. Try some local feed stores. Or just order from the hatchery if that gives you a warm a fuzzy feeling. With TSC being a nation wide company, everyone is bound to have different experiences across the board.
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    Thanks for the info and your experiences with TSC, since I was wondering about getting chicks from them. Since I don't really want to take any chances on getting roosters, I think I'll stick with a hatchery. While it might be cheaper per chick, I'd end up spending more money on feed to raise roosters I don't want. Plus, I'd want more variety than they'd have available.
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    i appreciate everyone's input. it doesn't really bother me that the store employees don't know much about chickens; they didn't have anything to do with the chicks. i plan to stop in at the local TSC and ask about the future orders of chicks and will then decide.

    and i really do appreciate the input. it's good to have correspondence with people of a like mind, even if it is a little warpped. [​IMG]
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    I bought a dozen bantams from TSC and loved them! We were really pleased with the quality. The employees are not knowledgeable , but I felt confidant because I knew what most were and I like surprises too. The chicks were beautiful and healthy. The quality was much nicer than we usually get from a hatchery so I wished I knew where they came from. We had also bought some red pullets and they were very nice and good layers. I told my husband to please keep me away from our TSC in March-April. Most places do not sex bantams anyway so we expected a few roosters and they were beauties. We got 3 out of 12. Pretty good I thought!
    The chicks we bought as sexed pullets were pullets so no complaints there.
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    The quailty/health was not the issue with us. We were just new to the "chicken raising" and was not able to get any help at the store. We also were told simply that they were pullets when asked what breed. So new to chickens we just said ok, but within a week knew that was not a breed. Even if you don't know very much about raising chickens, we learned that there was endless advice available online, and spent alot of time searching for help.
    I'm sure if I walk into TSC thins spring it will be very hard for me to walk out without chicks. They are so hard to resist.

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